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Re: Integrating Active Directory and Linux DNS servers

Do you know any sites were there's documentation for this? I've got a BIND
book (O'reilly) but I'm not sure if it covers this or not...



> At 09:37 3/18/2004, you wrote:
>>I'm a little rusty with my Microsoft stuff, but I believe that the real
>>requirment you're looking for is a Dynamic DNS server. [...]
>>I'm not a DNS guru and I would like to know what Linux/Unix based
>>solutions offer this feature in a DNS server.
> BIND 9 offers this capability in Fedora Core 1, and I think it was already
> available earlier, in Red Hat Linux 9. Of course, upgrading to a very
> recent version of BIND on any Linux OS ought to provide the same result.
> Generally speaking, I've seen several people set up DHCP to offer dynamic
> IP addresses and then also dynamically update BIND so that DNS records
> match the hostnames and IP addresses assigned by DHCP. It definitely does
> work, although I have not yet managed to find the time to set that up for
> my home network.
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