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Re: SMTP over SSH via PHP

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

At 09:19 3/18/2004, you wrote:

Can anyone provide a cookbook idea to create a socket/tunnel where by I can use SSH to talk to the SMTP server on the Linux staging box?

Isn't this what the "stunnel" package helps you do? I think it's there to SSL-encrypt other data streams like SMTP, and I'm sure it could be made to communicate via the SSH port. Check the docs for it.

Not exactly what I need.

Here's an idea of the configuration.

	DMZ                  |         LAN
      win2k.host             |    linux.host:25
                             |    +--------------+
    [webserver] PHP > SMTP-| |    o  mail server |
                             |    +--------------+

I'm only allowed to SSH over the DMZ to the LAN

What I'm after is:

	DMZ            |         LAN
      win2k.host       |      linux.host:25
                   sshsshssh  +--------------+
    [webserver] PHP-> SMTP--->o  mail server |
                   sshsshssh  +--------------+

Remember, my webservers are running W2K with cygwin.

I need my php script to possibly call a simple SSH tunnelling script.

I'm hacking something I found at http://www.slac.com/~mpilone/projects/kde/kmailssh/

This looks like the ticket, only I'll be:

-L 25:$SSH_MAIL_SERVER:25 in the ssh command. But I need this to be called by PHP I think. The problem as I see it is the PHP script calls the PHP mail() function which in turn uses properties defined in the php.ini file, such as SMTP = your.smtp.host.here

Can I define a script there? That would be the ideal.

Any further ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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