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Xconfig does not work

Iam using Redhat Linux 7.2
My kernal version is 2.4.18-3

Iam new to linux.Iam trying to rum SCPS gateway in our
testbed.For that
I have to complie Linux 2.4.X

Before compiling the SCPS code, the underlying kernel
support number
must be enabled.  The following supporting software
must be obtained and
installed from other sources if not already present on
the system.

   tun/tap modules from
   brctl from http://bridge.sourceforge.net

In order to run the SCPS gateway under the Linux
operation system via
the TAP method, the following kernel configuration
options must be
enabled before configuring the SCPS software.


802.1d Ethernet Bridging


Universal TUN/TAP device driver support

So I have my BRCTL working.I have also downloaded the
tun/tap driver.

I would like to configure my kernal to enable ethernet
bridging and
universal TUN/TAP device driver support.

The sticking point is when I try to run make xconfig,
config, or  menuconfig (I get the 'no target' error).
Also, the directory 'usr/src/linux' doesn't exist, I
know it's supposed to be in the redhat  directory, but
I can't 'make' anything in there either.

When I type in make xconfig I get the following error
[root rx redhat]# make xconfig
make: *** No rule to make target `xconfig'.  Stop.

What should I do further.
Please help me out.

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