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Re: MX record

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004 geeta cdfd org in wrote:

> Hello ,
> We have firewall (used for natting) and inside our LAN only
> we have in one machine where public IP natted to private IP
> the DNS server and email server. Now I want to forward the 
> emails to a different machine.
> Now my qn is can the email server be given the private IP or should it 
> also have public IP natted to private IP
> present entry in named.hosts
> IN MX 100 www.cdfd.org.in.
> cdfd.org.in In A
> Now I want to change to
> IN MX 100 mail.cdfd.org.in
> mail.cdfd.org.in IN A ?
> ? --> can be a private IP or not 

If you want the world to be able to email you, it has to be a public IP.  
It probably won't matter to your systems that live behind the firewall, as 
they'll be configured to send mail to/retrieve mail from the machine on 
the private IP.  

But for the purposes of the outside world, the DNS that gets fed to that 
outside world should be a public IP, and it should be nat'd back to your 
private IP.

Mike Burger

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