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Re: Redhat services list

At 10:35 3/19/2004, you wrote:

For some reason, vnc is not showing up in the services list for RH8, and I do not know how to
verify its installation or check to see if the daemon is running.

How do I do the followig:
        1) Enable vnc to show up in the services list
        2) ensure that vnc is installed, and check the version of it
3) ensure that deamon is running and will start automatically on boot?

First check to see that the package you want is installed:

# rpm -qa | grep vnc

If you get nothing, or you don't get something that looks like a server package, go get the RPM files from Red Hat's (or better, a mirror's) FTP site and download them. Install them with "rpm -Uvh packagename-xx.x.x.x.-y.y.y.i386.rpm". You can list two or more packages on the same command by separating them with spaces. Then, check the output of these two commands:

# ls -lR /etc/rc.d | grep vnc
# chkconfig --list | grep vnc

If there is a file in /etc/rc.d/init.d that resembles the name vnc, and it's *not* listed by chkconfig, then you can likely add it. Say its name is "vncd" or "vncserver" then you would issue the command:

# chkconfig --add vncserver


# chkconfig vncserver on
# service vncserver start

See if that gets you anywhere.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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