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Re: Hardware compatability - Wireless

On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 09:23:58PM -0600, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
> I used the Lucent Orinoco Gold and Silver cards since Red Hat Linux
> 8.0 with great success. They were recognized and installed
> transparently by RHL.

Be careful here.  There are "classic" Orinoco cards from the Lucent
days, and they work fine.  There are also new Orinoco cards by,
Proxim, the current owner of the brand, and they do not work on Linux,
at least not out of the box.  There is some driver code out there that
is supposed to make them work, but I couldn't figure it out.  Grrr.

I think the Lucent-era designed cards are still sold by Proxim under a
"classic" description, they have a bigger, thicker, squarer antenna
protrusion than the new models.

Both models have external antenna jacks, which is good.  Maybe the new
code will get properly integrated into the kernel some time soon.

-kb, the Kent with less need for external jacks and a directional
antenna now that open wireless access points are getting so common.

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