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Re: CD-RW/DVD-ROM doesn't play nicely with Linux (or at least RH9)

>Mondoarchive is a freely available linux backup program.  In addition to
>backing up specified directories, it makes a boot disk as well.

Sorry, never heard of it until now.

>I can make a usable CD-RW boot disk using mindi (the boot disk portion
>of mondoarchive), but cannot boot from the backup CD-RW disk set I make
>with mondoarchive.  A mondoarchive backup disk set written to CD-R's
>works just fine.

This doesn't make sense, which is probably why you are tearing your hair out.

I'm assuming that the CD burner that you are creating the CDs on is the same
drive that you are attempting to boot from.  If NOT, I suspect that the CD-ROM
drive is not fully capable of reading CD-RW discs.  I still run across that 
problem where I work.

If the writing drive and booting drive are the same, then I do not have an

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