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RE: script to parse maillog

Chris W. Parker wrote:
> hi everyone,
> i found a few scripts online that can give basic mail statistics, but
> since i'm not familiar with perl i'm afraid it would take me a long
> time to modify them to my needs.
> the best one i found was called (iirc) sm.logger by Daniel Rich. it
> worked pretty well (needed slight modifications) but it's not as
> complete as i'd like it to be.
> does anyone have scripts they've written that they'd like to share or
> direct to a place where i can download one?
> the following are what i'd like to see (at the least):
>  * list of To addresses and their frequency
>  * list of From addresses and their frequency
>  * the size of each email
>  * the start date of the file
>  * the end date of the file
>  * bytes received/sent/total
>  * total number of emails processed
> textual output is totally fine, in fact i'd rather not have
> to mess with graphs.
> your help is appreciated.
> chris.

Sorry, can't help you with a sendmail based logfile parser. But if your
willing to switch to using postfix as your MTA, then checkout pflogsumm.pl.
It will generate a nightly report that gives you all the data your mentioned
above - and then some! 

Pflogsumm can be found at: http://jimsun.linxnet.com/postfix_contrib.html

Steve Cowles

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