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Re: Could be routing problem?

At 11:50 3/19/2004, you wrote:
There are two symptoms to my problem.  First, whenever an e-mail arrives,
it hops around in my computer.  My mail log fills with "too many hops 26
(25 max)" errors and each of these hops is written in the header of the
e-mail that is received.

Have you read the FAQ at www.sendmail.org? I believe the first item mentions this error and the most common workarounds and solutions.

The second symptom is that I have to go through a great deal of difficulty
to send e-mail to another user who has a mailbox on this same system.

It all sounds more like name resolution than routing, although to be honest I have not had (nor am I really likely to have) the time to really go through your message in earnest. However, for some first suggestions:

        1. Post your /etc/hosts file.

2. What email address should people use to send email to you on that server? If that address is "mark neidorff com", does the command "host neidorff.com" give back your actual public IP address? What about "host neidorff.com"?

3. Where is the DNS zone for neidorff.com hosted? Does the MX record point to your machine's name?

4. MX records in DNS *****MUST***** point to A records. They cannot point to CNAME records. Check this.

See whether any of this gives you a clue or gives us a clue.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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