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RE: Could be routing problem?

Mark Neidorff wrote:
> I'm using RH 7.3, sendmail 8.11.6 (I know its not the latest, but I
> believe it to be stable and I don't want to break what is currently
> working (more or less) until I have this problem sorted out. Anyway...

It's been along time (like years) since I worked with 8.11.x of sendmail.
Hopefully, what I showed in my previous post will work with the 8.11.x

When you get this problem sorted out, I would strongly suggest that you
consider upgrading to a 8.12.x version of sendmail for redhat 7.3. (see

> Here are the files:
> # local-host-names - include all aliases for your machine here.
> neidorff.com
> mark.neidorff.com
> justanswers.prv
> ja.neidorff.com
> localhost
> localhost.localdomain

All the above domain names should force sendmail to select the local mailer.
i.e. procmail

> #virtusertable
> bob neidorff com	neidorff ti com
> mark neidorff com	mark

bob neidorff com will be forwarded to ti.com
mark neidorff com should use the mailbox mark.

BTW: You shouldn't need the second virtual unless your login/mailbox is
different than mark. You already have neidorff.com listed in

> #This is sendmail.mc (obviously)
> divert(-1)


> FEATURE(use_cw_file)dnl
> FEATURE(use_ct_file)dnl


> MAILER(smtp)dnl
> MAILER(procmail)dnl
> Cwneidorff.com

The above Cwneidorff.com is probably not be needed, since you have
neidorff.com listed in /etc/mail/local-host-names. Which is referenced by

>From the sendmail man pages (so to speak)...

Available features are:
use_cw_file     Read the file /etc/mail/local-host-names file to get
                alternate names for this host.  This might be used if you
                were on a host that MXed for a dynamic set of other hosts.
                If the set is static, just including the line "Cw<name1>
                <name2> ..." (where the names are fully qualified domain
                names) is probably superior.  The actual filename can be
                overridden by redefining confCW_FILE.

Steve Cowles

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