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RE: script to parse maillog

Epylog sounds like the thing for you, written in python but the files
are easy enough to update.  Check it out at
http://linux.duke.edu/projects/epylog/ .

Barry Johnson

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hi everyone,

i found a few scripts online that can give basic mail statistics, but
since i'm not familiar with perl i'm afraid it would take me a long time
to modify them to my needs.

the best one i found was called (iirc) sm.logger by Daniel Rich. it
worked pretty well (needed slight modifications) but it's not as
complete as i'd like it to be.

does anyone have scripts they've written that they'd like to share or
direct to a place where i can download one?

the following are what i'd like to see (at the least):

 * list of To addresses and their frequency
 * list of From addresses and their frequency
 * the size of each email
 * the start date of the file
 * the end date of the file
 * bytes received/sent/total
 * total number of emails processed

textual output is totally fine, in fact i'd rather not have to mess with

your help is appreciated.


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