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XP Faxing

Hi folks,

I've just been looking at network faxing with Windows XP.  I've found in one 
of the FAQs the following:

 23) Why can't I share my fax modem when using XP Fax?

The XP Fax Service does not support sharing. The Fax Console Help Files
contain instructions on how to configure a remote Fax Printer, but those
instructions refer to using XP Fax as a client, not as a shared service. XP
Fax can serve as a client to fax programs that do support sharing, such as
Small Business Server Fax and Windows Server 2003 Fax. 

Based on this startling piece of information, and the fact that I have a 
number of Linux boxes at around with Fax modems in, can people suggest 
workable (read by thick users) solution.
Gary Stainburn
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