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Re: to set up mail scanning gateway


I have the Symantec Antivirus solns for SMTP gateway and I have to install 
in a machine and has to configure the network. My present 
network situation is in my previous mail.


Geetha Thanu

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Date:Tue Mar 23 13:01:08 CST 2004
FROM: Ed Wilts  <ewilts ewilts org>
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Subject: Re: to set up mail scanning gateway
On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 10:24:57AM -0800, geeta cdfd org in wrote:
> I like to put my question again clearly, since I am still in a confused 
> state.

I didn't see your earlier query but I'll try to answer this one.
> our web,email,DNS servers are all in one machine which is having a public 
> IP natted against private IP in the firewall. 
> Now I want to install a mailgateway which scans for viruses and then 
> automatically sends the mail to mail server and again viceversa(from 
> server the mails has to go to mailgateway and then out. 

One of the ways to this is to install MailScanner from
http://www.mailscanner.info.  When properly installed, this separates
your mail on your existing server into multiple queues - for example, I 
have a mail queue that receives the incoming mail, lets MailScanner scan 
it, and then it moves the mail to an outgoing queue for more processing. 

MailScanner is fairly powerful and supports multiple virus scanning
engines.  There is detailed documentation on their web site.  You can
do spam filtering too if you want.

Ed Wilts, Mounds View, MN, USA
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