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Re: 2 NICs configuration problem

On Tue, 23 Mar 2004, Denham Eva wrote:

> Hello list,
> To begin with my knowledge on network related subjects is.. er lacking?
> Anyway I have this old pc Pentium 200 MMX, 64MB ram. I installed Redhat 9 (Shrike), no X server etc. Later I installed two Network Cards.
> The idea is to create a "gateway" or should that be "router"? Also the idea is to study up on the networking stuff.
> Configuration something like this...
> eth0 and eth1 on it's own subnet, hope I am clear enough so far:-)
> Well after much reading up etc, I used redhat-config-network to configure eth0.
> This it "sees" at startup fine, but eth1 it does not.
> I then run 
> ifconfig eth1 netmask broadcast
> Then eth1 is available, now I don't know for how long it will remain available, I have only booted the machine to see if it won't boot recognizing both NICs, because I can't figure out how to get the info to "stick" so that it will startup at boot.
> Apologies for the long winded mail, but
> Does anyone know how I can fix this? OR
> Direct me to a Howto which guides one through a similar setup?

The short way is going to be to go to your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts 
directory, copy ifcfg-eth0 to ifcfg-eth1, and then modify the ifcfg-eth1 
parameters to match what you've noted, above.

Then, on the next reboot, it should come up.  Additionally, after this 
modification, you'll even be able to "ifup eth1" or "ifdown eth1", 

Mike Burger

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