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RE: question about software compilation

Title: RE: question about software compilation

When you compile something in a *nix environment, there are some standard ways that things are done.  There are some variations to this and not everthing uses it, but it is still considered standard.

Usually there is a configure script in the directory where you built it.  You probably built it using this very script.  If you type ./configure --help you get an entire list of configuration options.  One of those options would probably be --enable-delay-pools or something similar.  Sometimes these things are turned on by default and there will be a --disable-delay-pools or something similar.  Check to see if this is the case.  If there is such an option see if it is on by default, if not you probably didn't compile it in.  If it is on by default you are in good shape and just need to configure squid accordingly.  If you didn't compile it in you will need to reconfigure and recompile.

Hope this helps.



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From: Kashif Awan
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Sent: 3/23/2004 10:13 AM
Subject: question about software compilation

Hello eveyone i am a newbie to linux . I have some confusions regarding
compilation of softwares and i am using squid as an example.

i compiled squid and its working fine now, how to find out whether i
have compiled squid with enable-delay pools or not.

if not

then how could i recompile squid to enable delay pools options  do i
have to remove all my configuration and compile squid from the scratch
or is there any other way.

thanks in advance



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