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Re: How to mount logical drives?

It worked perfectly.
Thank you every body for your help..
With Regards,
Devidas Komarath.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
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Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:
On Tuesday 23 March 2004 11:26 am, Devidas Komarath Menon wrote:

Hi list,
I have a PC with drives C,D,E,F. I edited /etc/fstab and successfully
mounted drive C, but iam unable to mount the other drives.

any help is welcome!!

It doesn't matter if it's logical, as long as you can find out the partition name. Easiest way, try the following trial and error:

mount /dev/hdaX	/mnt/mountpoint

replace X with 1,2,3,4, etc until you find all your partition. It won't do any harm. Don't forget to umount first if it sucessfully mount. If hdaX is not a valid partition, you just get error message from mount (Of course, adjust the device name accordingly, if this is a primary slave, then you need /dev/hdb instead, etc).

Another way is using fdisk:
fdisk /dev/hda

and then type 'p' to show you all your partition table so that you know what partition number contains what. (NOTE : Be Carefull using fdisk, if you type the wrong thing you may end up reformating your hard drive, but other then that, it's save).


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