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RE: Kernel version question

Go to www.kernel.org you will find information on the 2.4 kernels there. (although the red hat changes may not be included in the information)
The errata pages for your version of RH may also give you information. Just track back through the different kernel fixes and find what changed by looking at them.
Hope this helps..
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Subject: Kernel version question

I would like to know if there is an easy way of telling what each version of kernel updates includes.  Specifically, I need to know what each kernel individually fixed from 2.4.20-8 to 2.4.20-30.9.  I can only find info on the current kernel, and it states that this contains all previous fixes.  However, I suspect the current one is giving me problems, and I need to know what major security problems are fixed by which versions and then apply the proper one.




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