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Re: Changing run levels -init.d

On Mar 25, 2004, at 3:00 PM, Percent, Lonnie M. wrote:

Hi all,

RH AS 2.1

I have two processes that I want to 1. start on going to init 3 or init
And stop on going to init 0,6

I have the start and stop script in init.d  and have symbolic link
To the appropriate rc dirs.

My question is :
I have put in Start and Stop for my db and app server. I put start at
S98 so
It would be started after the system is up and stop at K16 so they would
Stoped early before other process are stopped.
For 0 and 6 I just put the stop (K's).

But i notice that the start and stop links (S* & K*) are not the same in
each rc
Dir for the same processes i.e. it stops httpd but never starts it.
There may be
Reasons for that. But I am questioning where I put my start and stop

Any insight is appreciated

Lonnie Percent

managing the rc scripts is a real pain. so much so that some kind soul (Erik Troan) wrote chkconfig. Read it's man page and revel in it's simplicity.

Jurvis LaSalle

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