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kernel HOW TO (help please)

It seems that the Kernel-howto is not available and at
one web site (http://milkyway.has.it) which claims
lots of good things about linux is actually selling
this guide for $7.95. Somehow after following a few
weblinks over the internet it seems that one is
directed to this milkyway.has.it web site which has
the original HOWTO.
Is this the spirit that Linux originally started with

whereas on the tldp.org web site following information
is on display:


The Kernel-HOWTO has been removed for review.

The last "unspoiled" version of the Kernel HOWTO
(Linuxdoc source SGML) can be downloaded from our CVS
repository here.

Kwan Lowe is writing the replacement, which is more or
less finished and browsable from
http://www.digitalhermit.com/~kwan/kernel.html. Kwan
changed the name to Kernel Rebuild Guide.

Brian Ward, the original author of the Kernel HOWTO,
plans to release an alternative document, for the new

If anyone has a copy of it in their archives please
email me asap. Version is not important, I just wanted
to go through the steps and make sure I am doing it


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