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Re: kernel HOW TO (help please)

 --- john <john_g123 yahoo com> escribió: > It seems
that the Kernel-howto is not available and
> at
> one web site (http://milkyway.has.it) which claims
> lots of good things about linux is actually selling
> this guide for $7.95. Somehow after following a few
> weblinks over the internet it seems that one is
> directed to this milkyway.has.it web site which has
> the original HOWTO.
> Is this the spirit that Linux originally started
> with
> ?
> whereas on the tldp.org web site following
> information
> is on display:
> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Kernel-HOWTO/index.html
> The Kernel-HOWTO has been removed for review.
> The last "unspoiled" version of the Kernel HOWTO
> (Linuxdoc source SGML) can be downloaded from our
> repository here.
> Kwan Lowe is writing the replacement, which is more
> or
> less finished and browsable from
> http://www.digitalhermit.com/~kwan/kernel.html. Kwan
> changed the name to Kernel Rebuild Guide.
> Brian Ward, the original author of the Kernel HOWTO,
> plans to release an alternative document, for the
> new
> kernel. 
> If anyone has a copy of it in their archives please
> email me asap. Version is not important, I just
> wanted
> to go through the steps and make sure I am doing it
> correctly.
> thanks
Look at:



Manuel Aróstegui Linux user 200896

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