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Re: Script to self destruct a linux box...

Not malicious??? Could you provide an example where this wouldn't be malicious
and still somehow be useful? ;-)

Quoting jg <jg573 yahoo com>:

*> [1st off, my intentions are not malicious!]
*> I want to have a Linux (RH 9) sytstem automatically
*> rendered usless at a  certain date or time.
*> I'd also like to wipe out /home, /usr,  logs, etc...
*> And then reboot, but of course if things go ok, it
*> should be toast after the reboot.
*> I imagine I could create cron job that executes on
*> such & such day & does something like:
*> /bin/rm -rf /home
*> /bin/rm -rf /var
*> /bin/rm -rf /usr
*> /bin/rm -rf /boot
*> /sbin/init 0
*> Would that work?
*> Is there is a better way to do this.
*> Ideal setup will wipe the major useful parts of drive,
*> reboot the system & just hang, rendered useless.
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