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Re: Linux 8.0 - scsi tape drive

On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 17:05, Mayur Patel wrote:
> Thanks Cokey !
> You got hammer in a nail.
> >Well, looks to me like either you don't have a tape in the drive or it
> >doesn't know there's a tape there. Did you actually 'load' a tape? I
> >don't mean put tapes in the cart. and load the cart. into the changer, I
> >mean cause the changer to load a tape in the actual tape drive.
> I put tapes in the cart but never loaded. :lol
> Thanks for direction


Just another word of advice good for all tape drives; keep it clean! 
Get a cleaning tape and use it regularly.  A dirty drive can cause all
kinds of problems.  I use one every third backup session, but that's
what works for me.



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