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Re: Tripwire on RHEL 3.0

>> Has anyone got Tripwire working on RHEL 3.0?  I can install it on a
>> RHEL ES 3.0 server using either the old RPM from RHEL 2.1, or from
>> source and the installation goes okay.  The problem occurs when you
>> try to initialize the tripwire database...
>> root tux tripwire# tripwire --init
>> Please enter your local passphrase:
>> Parsing policy file: /etc/tripwire/tw.pol
>> Generating the database...
>> *** Processing Unix File System ***
>> Software interrupt forced exit: Segmentation Fault
>> Is there a workaround for this?
> Get the updated tripwire package from http://fedora.us
> I've forgotten whether you may need to rebuild it from src.rpm
> or whether the rh9 binary works.

I'm not using Fedora, I'm on RHEL ES 3.0.  Well anyway, I tried looking
for it on fedora.us anyway and found this link...


...but the link to the SRC RPM is down.  Is this the package you are
talking about?


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