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Re: auto delete email in mailbox

We are using the stock Sendmail and all mail is stored in the /var/spool/mail directory under individual mailboxes as the name of the login on the server. Basically we made no change to it from the original installation of RHEL AS.


At 08:36 AM 3/29/2004, you wrote:
> I am running RHEL AS and wanted to set something up so that I can have a
>  cron job that would go through and delete any email in all mailboxes
> that  are older than so many days.  Is there something built in that
> would do  this?  If not, does anybody know of any scripts or programs
> that are out  there that could do it?

That depends on what MTA your using and how it stores its mail.  Are you
using maildir or mbox mailboxes?


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