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RE: wvdialconf or PPP or chat?

serial external modems  mostly get configured by wvdialconf. 
However I had problems lately with the ppp daemon. It got solved when I configured the modem at ttyS0 in the network control utility in RH 9.0. You might try it out.


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which modem you are using if you are using pci modem then you have to look at www.linmodes.org .
the best and easy to use dialing software is "kppp" 

Jeff Lacki <jeep rahul net> wrote:

	Im stuck without DSL for a while. I looked at the PPP-howto
	but it seems way out of date. Im running RH 9.0
	1. Whats the best way to setup and use PPP dialup
	on the 9.0? Ive never used PPP on here before.
	2. I tried wvdial and wvdialconf. wvdialconf scans
	through my machine but never finds a modem. The same
	modem works fine (Im using it now under XP). It scans
	many things and then 'hangs' after USB15 is printed.
	I just want to know whats the best way to get PPP working
	from experienced PPP users. And yes, I recompiled the kernel
	to include the PPP stuff.
	Thank you!
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