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Re: auto delete email in mailbox

On 29-Mar-2004/10:01 -0500, Chris Purcell <redhat cjp us> wrote:
>> We are using the stock Sendmail and all mail is stored in the
>> /var/spool/mail directory under individual mailboxes as the name of the
>> login on the server.  Basically we made no change to it from the
>> original  installation of RHEL AS.
>Sendmail uses the mbox format, where each email in a users mailbox is
>stored in a single text file.  This makes it more difficult to implement
>what you want to do.  If you switched to Postfix and Maildir-style
>mailboxes, you could easily write a Perl or bash script that would execute
>daily via cron to do what you want.  If you want to make the switch, I'll
>see if I can write it....

If he switches to maildir format, he can use the tmpwatch utility that
ships with RH. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  tmpwatch --force --mtime age_in_number_of_hours dir

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