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Re: about Knoppix CD

John -

"Knopix-STD is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. Boot
to the CD and you have Knoppix-STD. That would include a customized linux
kernel (2.4.21 with ntfs rw, openmosix, and superfreeswan patches), Fluxbox
windows manager, incredible hardware detection and hundreds of applications.
Boot without the CD and you return to your original operating system. Aside
from borrowing power, peripherals and some RAM, Knoppix-STD doesnt touch the
host computer."

Mike Wafkowski
Linux CDs and Stuff

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Subject: about Knoppix CD

> here are two entries from the cheapbytes.com web site
> about Knoppix CD.
> what is the difference between these two CDs ? are
> they the same ? (atleast contenet wise in terms of
> packages ?)
> 8. CheapBytes Knoppix STD 0.1 $ 4.99
> 9. CheapBytes KNOPPIX 3.3 CD-R Feb 16, 2004
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