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Re: lame server messages in named.log

Those messages are indication of misconfiguration of the name servers
responsible for zones specified in the messages. There is no problem
with _your_ name server, the problems exist with _their_ name servers.
"lame server" message is logged when your server sends request to the
name server which is responsible for some zone (as shown by the NS
in parent zone) but the name server asked responds that it is actually 
not responsible for that zone (as set in that name server
If you do not want to see such messages in your log files you can
logging of "lame server" messages by including in your name server
configuration the following lines (in the 'logging' section):

        channel null {
        category lame-servers {

Alexey Fadyushin
Brainbench MVP for Linux

Nabin Limbu wrote:
> Hi,
> I am getting lots of message like below in my named.log. Could
> you pls help me to understand what they mean and are they
> indication of any problem in my name server.
> Hoping for your kind help.
> With Regards
> Nabin Limbu
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