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RE: logging

IT Clown wrote:
> Hi
> How do you log your iptables activity to a file because all
> the activity is being displayed in my terminal while im
> busy working in RH9.

Type: man dmesg

In particular, the -n option might be of some interest to you.

> I would like to log it to /var/log/iptables.
> Do i need to configure syslog.conf?
> how would i need to configure it?

If configured, netfilter/iptables uses the syslog facility for logging. With
this in mind, the syslog facility is configured to log to differnet files
(through syslog.conf) based on a facility.priority pair. See: man
syslog.conf. Because of this, you cannot "JUST" log netfilter/iptable events
to a separate file without other events of the same facility.priority being
logged also.

To answer your question - the netfilter/iptable package can be configured to
use ulogd, instead of syslog. Then you can log "JUST" iptable type events to
a separate file. See: http://gnumonks.org/projects/ulogd

Steve Cowles

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