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Re: RFC - Fedora on old hardware

mark wrote:

Ok, I'm having trouble with my home network firewall box, and it may need a reinstall (hard drive problems).

This is a 166MHz Pentium-S. Don't even *think* of telling me to go out and buy new hardware.... It's got under 100M RAM, and I'm not sure I have space to put more DIMMs in.

It's a firewall/router, and *nothing* else. I don't install X on such a box.

So, I'd like some comments: should I go to Fedora 2 or 3? Is it the case that with 2, it started using kernel 2.6? If so, do I have to worry about speed, or memory size?


I used to use LRP (linux router project), a router and firewall on a floppy, on a 486 with 16 megs of ram and four NIC's. The project is now defunct, though googling for "linux router floppy" brings up a bunch of hits. The beauty of these distros is that once they boot, they're solid state (meaning that they run entirely in RAM). Eventually I got fancy, found an old 100MB hd and loaded the boot image onto it to speed up the boot process.

If you have a bootable CDROM on that thing, you could burn the image onto a CD...

Just some thoughts.


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