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Re: Pine mboxes to mysql maybe?

Northrup, Wilson wrote:

Hello everyone,

For years I've been using PINE to read mail.  It's really been fine but
after realizing my mailbox alone has gigs of mail, perhaps it is time to
change.  It seems that having email stored in a database would allow faster
and perhaps easier searching over using grep/sed to find a particular

Ultimately, I'd like to have a setup that offers some type of text mail
interface (PINE  MUTT, maybe something else?) that I can use through SSH,
but also a web interface which includes the ability to search for keywords
throughout ones entire mail store.
There are lots of options available, I'd be interested in hearing any
experiences from others who may have done a similar conversion already.

As Jason said, I don't think that this exists just yet. However, if you convert from mbox to Maildir, then each message is its own file. You could then index those files with htdig and use that for rapid searching. The only thing is that I don't think pine understands Maildir, so you'd probably have to move to mutt for the text-based email.



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