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Re: Sporadic low network performance

> If the switch is set to auto negotiate and you have forced the interface
> on the server then you will also experience problems.
> I would suggest you contact the people that own the switch and ensure that
> the port is set correctly there too
> however, as you are not experiencing hte slowdown around the isp network
> or on the local subnet (if I read your e-mail correctly) then it is
> probably not a duplex issue.

I'm trying everything ;)

> have these tests been extended tests (constant over a series of days) or
> rather small time periods (15 min intervals etc)

They've been rather small time periods.

> You may want to look at putting in some network monitoring tool like
> smokeping and getting it to ping various points both locally and non
> locally and see if there are any correlations between the various graphs
> it produces..

I've installed smokeping (what a pain!!) and am monitoring it now.

Thanks very much for the advice,


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