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Re: RFC - Fedora on old hardware

mark wrote:
Subject: Re: RFC - Fedora on old hardware
From: "Benjamin J. Weiss" <benjamin birdvet org>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 07:51:39 -0600

mark wrote:


So, I'd like some comments: should I go to Fedora 2 or 3? Is it the case that with 2, it started using kernel 2.6? If so, do I have to worry about speed, or memory size?


I used to use LRP (linux router project), a router and firewall on a floppy, on a 486 with 16 megs of ram and four NIC's. The project is now


If you have a bootable CDROM on that thing, you could burn the image onto a CD...

Thing is a) I'd like to see if I want to stay with Redhat/Fedora, and b)
I want to upgrade to handle bug fixes and security patches in one swell


Well, why not go to www.centos.org and check them out. You're already using Fedora and it doesn't have support. At least with CEntOS if you have an issue worth spending money on you could hire a RHCE to work on the system if you actually need some commercial support. It's a clone build of the Red Hat packages. Read up on it there.

Basically there is Fedora which is more or less a testing ground for stuff. It's not worked on my home hardware since FC2 ( and I have an Intel i815 board and components ).

FC1 worked great on the system. FC2 it was the sound wouldn't work and I couldn't get it to and the next time ... FC3 ... the issue was my network cards never would work and X kept on crashing. Upgrade and full install both I had the same issues. Sometimes X would even crash during the install.

This is on a machine that I have installed Slackware, SuSE9.0, 9.1, RH9, FC1, and WhiteBox Linux (same as CEntOS), Windows 2000, and Windows XP all without issues. I haven't had any issues with CEntOS that are not on the lists for RH Enterprise.

The 2.6 kernel has more support for better performance and large files....TB files. I wanted to get into Fedora just because the nature of it and 2.6, but I just couldn't handle it having issues that I had to struggle with on hardware I have used with other distros for 3 years now.

I wouldn't have been disappointed had it not been some standard Intel hardware. I have SuSE 9.1 to play around with the linux 2.6 kernel (no issues so far). After RH4.0 is released it will be some time (not very long..see the FAQs) and then CEntOS will have a 4.0 release as well. The install and upgrade process is just like RH Enterprise and Advanced versions.

This way you can still use RH for your free stuff (just no branding or support), and if you need supported systems you can purchase from RH and be using the same OS on all of your systems.


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