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Re: rhas3 (taroon2) eth0 eth1 network looks active, but does not send/rec

On Tue, 4 Jan 2005, Roland Wong wrote:

update: I attached the crossover cable from eth0 to eth1 on the server, set eth0 to, and eth1 to then I pinged eth1 from eth0

This may create internal confusion (actually, seeing as its not working it will create internal confusion)

# ping -Ieth0

Meaning that this wont work..

I got error msgs saying the destination host is unreachable. I'd been running tcpdump on another terminal, and tcpdump returned this:

yup, because it probably cant find the other interface..

13:16:53.931306 arp who-has tell server

again, any help is appreciated. I will post more symptoms and other fixes I've tried.

Basically, you cant have two seperate physical interfaces on the same subnet and expect things to work properly, things get terribly confused and the box wont know what interface to respond with when it gets traffic to/from these interfaces.

the way you would have multiple IP's on a single subnet is to use ip aliases (eth0:1, eth0:2 etc etc)

(Note: just having the interface ip's setup on the same subnet will probably cause this problem, no need for cables to be plugged in at all. try unsetting eth1's ip address and repeat your crossover test..)


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