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mail delivery on LAN - This time Linux

Well, I am still grappling with the issues of SMTP and
POP3 between Linux and Outlook Express (Windows). I
shall come for help, when I have exhuasted all

But now I am working on homeground, the Linux. I have
two machines on Linux (Redhat 9.0). I have configured
sendmail on linux11.awt.com.pk. Then I do the

   $ telnet linux11.awt.com.pk  smtp 

from the machine linux10.awt.com.pk. I get proper
response and I use the commands like "helo" and "quit"
etc. I also checked with
  $ netstat -a
and found the entry *.smtp
So, it appears, that smtpd is listening alright.

Then I use the mail (MUA) to send the mail.
On Linux10.awt.com.pk. I do it as follows:

  $ mail user1 linxu11 awt com pk

I send the mail from the command line, closing the
mail with a period. I expect the mail should go. But
it did not.  It kept sitting on the sending machine.

The question is: Do I need to put on routing on the
machines? If not then what can be the possible problem
for not sending the mail?

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