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RE: dual cpu processes under top

> Any way to have top display which process is using which cpu on a dual 
> cpu system? If top can't do this, is there an app' that can?

Type 'f' to go to the menu where you control the
fields that are shown, and then type the letter
that controls whether or not the last used cpu is
printed (this varies between procps 2.x and 3).


Thank you for your reply.  I have top: "procps version 3.2.1" and I am
trying to lock in "last CPU is printed" from the Current Fields screen, but
it is not retained after top is closed. How can I make this permanent?   

Current Fields:  AEHIOQTWKNMbcdfgjplrsuvyzX  for window 1:Def
Toggle fields via field letter, type any other key to return

* A: PID        = Process Id
* E: USER       = User Name
* H: PR         = Priority
* I: NI         = Nice value
* O: VIRT       = Virtual Image (kb)
* Q: RES        = Resident size (kb)
* T: SHR        = Shared Mem size (kb)
* W: S          = Process Status
* K: %CPU       = CPU usage
* N: %MEM       = Memory usage (RES)
* M: TIME+      = CPU Time, hundredths
  b: PPID       = Parent Process Pid
  c: RUSER      = Real user name
  d: UID        = User Id
  f: GROUP      = Group Name
  g: TTY        = Controlling Tty
  j: #C         = Last used cpu (SMP) <----- 
  p: SWAP       = Swapped size (kb)
  l: TIME       = CPU Time
  r: CODE       = Code size (kb)
  s: DATA       = Data+Stack size (kb)
  u: nFLT       = Page Fault count
  v: nDRT       = Dirty Pages count
  y: WCHAN      = Sleeping in Function
  z: Flags      = Task Flags <sched.h>
* X: COMMAND    = Command name/line

Thank you again.


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