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RE: Oracle on Linux

Look into ipcs, and ipcrm. These are tools to look at, and remove if
necessary, memory segments, semaphores, and the like.

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I am re-sending this as the first time it did not go thru.  Hopefully it
does not get posted double.

Oracle on Linux

I am using Oracle 9i on Linux.  I noticed that when I shut down all of
the Oracle instances that a large chunk of memory is still allocated to
it.  When I restart Oracle it does reuse this memory, so not a big loss.
The only way I know to free up this memory again is via a restart.  

I do not have a good reason for wanting this memory freed up, I just
hate programs that will not release the resources on exit.  Oracle told
me that is just the way it is.  I was wondering if any one had some
insights to this, or a way to force the memory to be freed.

Where this does become a big pain is if you are working on creating a
new database, and you keep deleting and recreating it.  The memory is
not reused in this case, and if it is a big database you have to reboot
often.  I am testing some scripts to auto create and remove a database,
and will do this nightly.  If I do not find a way to release this memory
I will be forced to reboot my dev box nightly.

Jeff Strain
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LDS Business College
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