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Re: runlevels

At 12:19 PM 1/4/2005, Larry D Sorensen wrote:
I have 2 scripts that I want to run at different times. One has been
linked in the /etc/rc3.d directory for startup (S98script). The second is
to do the opposite and stop things. It is called K11script. If I put the
kill script in /etc/rc2.d and then manually change run levels, init 2,
the script does not run. I know the script works, however, because I can
call it from the command line. Any suggestions?


If you have S98script in the rc3.d directory, you should put K98script in the same directory. That way, when you start runlevel 3, it will run and when you change or stop runlevel 3, it should kill it. I do not know if having the kill script with a different number than the start script would matter or not, but it makes things look better when trying to associate them. I wouldn't think it would matter since from my understanding of it, the number is just telling the system the order of starting or deleting compared to the other starts and kills. Can you type in /etc/rc3.d/K11script to kill the process? If it doesn't kill the process, then more than likely, it has nothing to do with changing run levels, it would probably mean that there is something wrong in the script. Try running it manually and report the results back.


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