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Re: GNOME text is missing after upgrade

This happened to me recently. Quite a number of
packages failed to install, but their records were
erased from the rpm db -- at least I got messages that
the packages were not installed -- even though the
older versions were still on the machine. The messed
up  database made it impossible to use the rpm's that
up2date had just downloaded. 

Some stuff, including the gnome text (I forget which
package that is), were just gone. 

Rebuilding the db didn't work, but I could run
up2date-nox on just the missing packages, one by one, 
and repair everything. 

I found which packages needed to be fetched again by
testing those listed on the up2date logs against 'rpm
-q' all those that gave me the 'not installed' message
needed upgrading. 

--- Ryan Golhar <golharam umdnj edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I recently upgraded a bunch of workstations to
> update 4.
> I've noticed that the text for icons, menus,
> taskbar, messageboxes,
> everything is now missing in GNOME.  There is
> nothing special about the
> configuration of these machines...they all install
> all software via
> rpms.  
> Is there anything I can check on these machines
> before I rebuild them?
> Ryan
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