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Re: Oracle on Linux.

Jeffrey Strain wrote:
Oracle on Linux.

I am using Oracle 9i on Linux.  I noticed that when I shut down all of
the Oracle instances that a large chunk of memory is still allocated to
it.  When I restart Oracle it does reuse this memory, so not a big loss.
 The only way I know to free up this memory again is via a restart.  I
do not have a good reason for wanting this memory freed up, I just hate
programs that will not release the resources on exit.  Oracle told me
that is just the way it is.  I was wondering if any one had some
insights to this, or a way to force the memory to be freed.

Jeff Strain
Database Administrator
LDS Business College
(801) 524-8189
jstrain ldsbc edu

hmm. Is oracle some how loading a module into the kernel or replaced the kernel? What process does the computer show the memory belonging to? Is there another Oracle process still running or not? It would have to be shared memory or something in the kernel keeping the memory used up as a user process can't just use up memory. Oracle uses shared memory, so this could be where the issue is coming up. Find the process with the memory.


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