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how to upgrade native assembler on Red Hat Linux?


I am working on a P-III machine running Red Hat Linux and am trying to
cross-compile a toolchain for an MPC8260 (Motorola PowerPC) based target.
When I try to configure a bootstrap glibc (v 2.3.3) prior to setting up a
bootstrap gcc (v 3.4.3) for the target, the configure utility checks for CFI
support in the assembler:

checking whether CFI directives are supported... no

And then finally after all the options are verified, it ends in an error as

configure: error: CFI directive support in assembler is required

Someone suggested upgrading to assembler v 2.15 to resolve this isssue. Now
I wish to know how to upgrade the native assembler (v 2.13.90.x) that was
installed by default during the Red Hat Linux installation. Please advise me
on the same.

Better still, are there any other ways to work around this problem without
upgrading any native stuff?


Vijay Padiyar

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