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RE: gzip archives coming up invalid!

While you CAN bring over files in ASCII mode, it is akin to burying your
deceased spouse in the Pet Semetary ... when they come out on the other
side, they just ain't quite the same  ;-)

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Steve Phillips <mailto:steve focb co nz>
    on Thursday, January 06, 2005 2:37 PM said:

> Okie dokie - in that case, you could probably expand your script to
> re-download the files via ftp once they had been uploaded. Then do the
> checks against the original (download them as a different filename or
> to a temp directory)
> Basically, you have file integrity issues, the only real way to solve
> these if to verify the integrity of the files when you upload/download
> them.

Well the problem has been partially solved. I had a suggestion given to
me offlist that the problem could be because I was not explicitly
designating 'type binary' in my FTP command list. After doing this the
files started to be uploaded without being corrupted.

> Out of curiosity, where did you try to gunzip/gzip -t the files ? and
> if they were on a windows box, how did you get them back to the unix
> box ? 

The files originate on my linux server and are then FTP'd to a Windows
server. I can access them via a shared folder on the Windows server or
download them via FTP.

So at this point the upload is working fine and the file is uncorrupted
while sitting on the Windows server but I still can't download them via
FTP correctly. As was suggested to me offlist this is probably because I
need to explicitly set 'type binary' on the download as well.

In any case a solution has been reached.

Thanks for your time!

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