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RE: FC3/RHEl3: Dell PE 800


You might want to post that question on the Dell/Linux list.  


Regards, Marshall

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From: Brian D. McGrew [mailto:brian visionpro com] 
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Subject: FC3/RHEl3: Dell PE 800

Good morning,


I've got a brand new Dell PowerEdge 800 server with a Dell Remote Access
Card 4/P, Dell (Adaptec) CERC SATA Raid Card, Broadcomm NetXtreme gig
eithernet and an ATI Radeon 7000.


We ordered the box with no factory installed OS but bought RHEL3 ES
media.  I can't get any OS to install on this box.  No matter which OS I
try (RH 7.3, RH9, RHEL3ES, FC3) I get the same error ...


I blow up right after formatting disks with an error that says:


"IntexError: list index out of range" (If you need the whole traceback I
can post it).


Any ideas here?  What am I missing and how do I fix this?






Brian D. McGrew { brian visionpro com || brian doubledimension com }


> YOU!  Off my planet!


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