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Re: [Q] create account which can only transfer file use SSH????

Leave FTP and TELNET disabled and enable SSH. I do not know about scp or winscp, but I do know there are programs out there that will use SFTP that uses SSH and the sftp-server to ftp. I have WS_FTP Pro and I know you can do it with that. I don't know which version that it started in though. I am using WS_FTP Pro v.9.01 on Windows XP Pro.


At 10:17 AM 1/7/2005, you wrote:

We have Redhat AS 2.1 nad 3.0 installed on servers.
Due to security reason, we disable FTP and TELNET.
Server onlly support SSH.

We plan to create a account which can ONLY login and
transfer data use scp or winscp on PC site (similiar
to FTP function).

Any one know how to set it up on Redhat?


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