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Re: yppasswd length limit

Dear Ian

Thanks for the message and that works well for us. But
how passwd changes nis passwd? i have read the man
page for passwd and in the Internet, nowhere said
passwd can change nis passwd, so never even thinking
of trying this way.

Still i need to know how this happens and would be
most grateful if you can brief let me know more.


 --- Ian Mortimer <ian physics uq edu au> wrote: 
> On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 21:38, zhicheng wang wrote:
> > if the passwd is created/changed on the nis server
> > using passwd, it is ok and can be very long (up to
> > 256char?) and users have to type exactly the
> correct
> > passwd to log in - no longer, no shorter.
> > 
> > if users change their passwd using yppasswd, the
> > passwd is truncated to 8 char and you can type
> > anything after the 8th char to log on.
> If you have the client hosts set to do md5
> encryption and use passwd to
> change the password it will create an md5 encrypted
> password in the nis
> database.  yppasswd always seems to create crypt
> encrypted passwords
> (and they can only be 8 characters or less).
> If passwd works then you can just disable yppasswd
> and make your users
> use passwd.
> However if you have any systems on your network that
> don't understand
> md5 encrypted passwords your users won't be able to
> authenticate to
> those systems after changing their passwords.
> -- 
> Ian

Best wishes
Z C Wang

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