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Mounting error on boot - RPC Remote System Error - No Route to host


The problem you mentioned "Mounting RPC Remote System
Error - No Route to host" appears to be that the
network driver modules reset the ethernet cards during
the "network" phase of bootup and the network doesn't
function until some time afterward.  The time from
"service network start" (module loading) until full
operation may be longer due to these machines having 3
ethernet interfaces.

Have you put NFS filesystems in /etc/fstab file? 

Please refer the Red Hat bugzilla link
where they have provided 
patch to /etc/init.d/netfs (initscripts) that waits
for NFS servers to be available.

Caution: Make sure to take a backup of the script
before modifying it.

As mentioned in the bugzilla, the fix is to add a
piece to the top of /etc/init.d/netfs that tries to
ping its NFS servers for a while before mounting. 
It's written such that
successful pinging will go past that step in a second
or two and unsuccessful
pinging will wait up to 5 minutes before proceeding. 
The long wait is
acceptable in our case, since the servers can't
accomplish their intended tasks
without access to the NFS server.

On the client, type rpcinfo -p  server where server 
is the DNS name or IP address of your server.

Red Hat do not support Red Hat 9 version. The latest
Red Hat Linux version available is Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 3. This is FYI.

Please reply on this mailing list.



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