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RE: Network Storage Drives

Thanks to everyone that responded. 

Here are the product details. There isn't much here. I know the software
won't work on Linux. However, I'm not sure if I can. I don't need all of
the things 
it does. I just want to be able to share a drive with my laptop (which
runs Windows and Linux) and my server (which runs Linux). I want to be
able to 
use the drive to back up my windows items (on one partition of the
drive), and my server and laptop to one or more partitions on the drive.
Can you
 mount partitions of the drive to the server (i.e. the ability to have
ext2 filesystems on the network drive that are mounted to the server) or
do you have to 
mount the entire drive (in that case the entire drive would be a
Windows-type filesystem)? Does anyone see any red flags with this drive
(i.e. it won't work with my RH 9 laptop and server)?

80.0GB maximum data capacity 
Saves up to 8 versions of a file automatically; restores deleted and
overwritten files and moves folders to a new PC with one click 
Access all stored files over the Web from any computer 
Share large files over the Web without attaching them to e-mails; grant
users permission to change files in shared folders 
Automatically synchronizes all file changes to linked PCs 
Photos or music on any PC in your home are instantly available on any
other PC running Mirra 
128-bit SSL encryption, e-mail address/password authentication and
privacy password file protection 
 Intelligent, embedded software runs on Linux OS, so you're not
susceptible to Windows viruses 
High-speed 10/100 Ethernet connection; power cord and Ethernet cable
Mirra software CD contains applications for Windows XP and 2000 PCs and
Windows 2000 and 2003 servers 

Product Details 
Warranty Terms - Parts 1 year
Warranty Terms - Labour 90 days
Product Height 12.4"
Product Width 14.3"
Product Weight 10 lbs.
Product Length 7.5"

System Requirements Intel(r) Pentium(r) III processor or later; Windows
2000 Pro or XP Home or Professional Edition, Windows 2000 or 2003 server
256MB RAM; 25MB hard drive space; high-speed Internet; router or hub
(wired or 802.11 Wi-Fi) with wired Ethernet port LAN Connection 10/100

From: Wartnick, James 
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 8:55 AM
To: 'redhat-list redhat com'
Subject: Network Storage Drives


I'm running RH9 and am looking at purchasing a Network Storage Device (a
cheap 40GB drive from Best Buy). Would there be any 
compatibility issues with this (I can't imagine so since it is accessed
via the network)? The reason I ask is because the drive specs state
that a "Windows" type system is required. I'm thinking it is only
because of the software they include (for backing up files, etc.).
is there a way to mount the device without using NFS (I'm going to
partition the drive. Some of the space will be windows fs, others will
be ext2)?

Thanks in advance for any replies. 


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