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Re: Using VNC To Monitor Remote RHEL Installation

Rik Herrin wrote:
> I have read that you can install RHEL on a machine and
> view the graphical installer on a different machine
> using vnc.  However, I have failed to really find any
> information about how I would go about doing so.  Does
> anyone know how this can be done?  Thanks for your
> time.

i found the following while searching
""The RHEL-3 installer now supports graphical installation
via VNC.  After configuring enough network information for
the system to get an IP and mount an NFS share, the VNC
server starts up.  Then I can simply fire up a VNC client, 
connect to the system, and see both the graphical install
screen and the serial console window (pretty dull once the
GUI installer starts up), and install graphically just like
normal. There's also support for connecting to a remote X
server, but I haven't tried that yet.""

Following is copied from "Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3
Release Notes (x86 Edition)"

Installation via VNC is now supported. To initiate a
VNC-based installation, pass vnc as a boot-time option. If
necessary, a password can be set by adding
"vncpassword=<password>" to the boot-time options. The VNC
display will be "<host>:1", where <host> is the hostname or
IP address of the system installing Red Hat Enterprise

It is also possible for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux
installation program to initiate a connection to a
listening VNC client. This is done by using the vncconnect
boot-time option:

linux vnc vncconnect=<client>[:<port>]

(Where <client> is the hostname or IP address of the system
running the listening VNC client, and <port> is an optional
port specification that may be specified if the VNC client
is not listening on port 5500, which the default port for
this type of connection). The following examples show the
how the boot-time option is specified for standard and
non-standard ports:

linux vnc vncconnect=pigdog.example.com

linux vnc vncconnect=pigdog.example.com:27910

The system that is to run the listening VNC client must
then launch the appropriate software to run the VNC client
in its listening mode. For the VNC client supplied with Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 3, the following command is

vncviewer -listen

In addition, a new kickstart directive has been added to
support VNC-based installations:

vnc [--password <password>] [--connect <host>[:<port>]]

(Where --password <password> is an optional parameter for
specifying a VNC password, and [--connect <host>[:<port>]]
is an optional parameter for specifying the host (and
optionally, port) of a system running a listening VNC

NOTE: If you specify any of the VNC-related boot-time
options, they will override the corresponding options
present in the kickstart file.

Peeyush Maurya

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