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Re: 7.3, 9, then Fedora? (was Compiling kernel rpm)

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Ed Wilts wrote:

| On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 02:23:31PM +0400, security wrote:
|> Ed Wilts wrote:
|> | On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 08:38:30AM -0700, Blair Lowe wrote: |
|> |> We would love to purchase one copy of RHEL and then somehow |>
|> distribute it to other machines without violating licences. | |
|> You can't do this.  If you license one copy of RHEL, then you
|> need | to license them all.  You can run as many copies of the |
|> forks/rebuilds as you want. |
|> I'm not sure you've right.
| You're free to contact your legal department or Red Hat's
| (legal redhat com).  However, section 4 of the RHEL subscription
| agreement reads:
| "4. REPORTING AND AUDIT. If Customer wishes to increase the number
| of Installed System, then Customer will purchase from Red Hat
| additional Services for each additional Installed System."
|> If you install , with one RHEL 100 servers you can, but you will
|> have support for only one server.
| What Red Hat wants to prevent is that you have 100 identical
| servers, 1 subscription, and it just so happens that the system
| that has the problem is always the one that has the subscription.
| They end up effectively providing support for your 100 systems but
| receive revenue for only 1.

When I talk about one server, I mean that's always the same. If a
problem occurs in other server, Redhat
will not assume any support.

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