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Re: unpacking one single file from archive

C. Linus Hicks wrote:

On Wed, 2005-01-19 at 07:04 -0600, Rigler, Stephen C. wrote:
If the archive, "x.tar.gz", has a file that you want called "z.doc"
then if you only want to extract the one file do:

tar xvzf x.tar.gz z.doc

This is true, AND you must match the path as stored in the archive. So
for example, if you have an archive with:


Then you must use:

tar xf x.tar xyz/1.abc

Yes, that was where I missed it, unpacking a file under home/user I did it by habit writing /home/user.....one slash to much.......thank u very much.

Another question is search for a file in a tar.gz archive. Now I do it in a heavy way in two steps, first make a file I can search in and then make the search: less y.tar.gz | cat > readfile grep -n "x.doc" readfile

.......and I get the file with full path.

I believe there is a command for searching directly for a file and path in a tar.gz archive, but wich one is it?

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